What is Tkalnia?

Living in Łódź or another city in the Łódź agglomeration, it is impossible to escape from industrial identity. Our cities were created by weavers and the textile industry. We feel a strong relationship with this cultural and historical heritage, which is why Weaving Mill (Tkalnia) was a natural choice for us when naming our organization.

Weaving involves intermingle of a colored thread around the warp. The result can be a strong, beautiful, multi-colored fabric in which single threads create a common image. This is how we perceive our activities – diverse, but serving one purpose, that is, creating a better world around us, in our closest neighborhood and city but also in Europe and beyond.

The main axes of our work are activities for social justice, counteracting violence, discrimination and exclusion. We believe in peaceful coexistence without rivalry and exploitation, with respect for each other and for the world around us. We dream about such a world and we are ready to fight for it.

Our achievements

As the Tkalnia Association, we have completed a series of projects over the years with budgets totaling several million zlotys. We conducted anti-discrimination and tolerance activities, educating hundreds of students and pupils. We were active in the field of civil rights and control of local authorities, issuing an independent citizens’ newspaper. We created new educational tools, such as board games and books.

In 2015, we were awarded the President of the City of Zgierz Award for cultural activities in the city, and in 2016 we were nominated for the nationwide prize Equality Glasses.


Over the years, Tkalnia’s team has undergone changes – a colorful fabric that we create with our work is gaining new threads through it: themes, activities and ideas. All of us were always united by the conviction of the importance of a dialogue based on mutual respect, as the basis for peaceful coexistence.

Tkalnia team includes people who work every day for the association, our closest collaborators, as well as dozens of volunteers and supporters who have been supporting us for years. Tkalnia is our joint work! Find out more about the people making up Tkalnia.


We are always open to new ideas. If you would like to join our activities or have questions, write to kontakt@tkalnia.org.

You can also support us financially. Each amount counts!

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